TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Line​Status

@objc public protocol LineStatus

Comprehensive information about status of digital line.



var agentAvailable: Bool

Boolean flag which should be used to determine whether the "call us button" should be visible to end user. Value true means that line is available to use. Value false means that the line is either disabled or no agent is available.


var recordingConsent: RecordingConsent

Digital line's current recording and recording consent configuration. Using value of this property the end user may be allowed for opting-in or opting-out from call recording. If the recordingConsent is unknown it means that end user does not need to opt-in or opt-out from call recording. At the same time the unknown value does not provide any information whether the call will be recorded or not. With the unknown value, all configuration is handled server side.