TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Microphone​Permission​Screen

@objc public protocol MicrophonePermissionScreen

Screen handling microphone permission configuration.

This screen checks and requests microphone permission. If there was no check before, it will show a system alert asking for permission. If there was a check and the microphone access was denied, it will show an alert asking user to turn on permission in Settings. If the microphone permission were already granted the screen is not presented.



var backgroundColor: UIColor?

Background color of the screen container.


var titleLabel: UILabel!

Label which shows main title. Example: 'Allow microphone'.


var messageLabel: UILabel!

Label which shows description message under the title label.


var allowButton: UIButton!

Allow Button that opens an alert asking user about microphone permission. In case permission is already granted, calls requestPermissionCompletion.


var cancelButton: UIButton!

Cancel Button which cancels all the flow and call cancelHandler.