TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Talk​Call

@objc public protocol TalkCall: AnyObject

Represents a call created by Talk SDK.

Responsibility of this class is to provide set of basic operations related to the ongoing call, like muting, disconnecting or changing audio output type.

TalkCall TalkCall AnyObject AnyObject TalkCall->AnyObject

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var muted: Bool

Property that defines if the call is muted.

Mutes or un-mutes the call depending on the value of muted. Default value is false.


var duration: TimeInterval

Property that shows duration of call in seconds.

Default value is 0. It will be 0 until the call is started.


func disconnect()

Ends the ongoing call.

If the call was not disconnected before - then the will be called with CallStatus.disconnected.

If the call was already disconnected - then the will not be called.


var audioOutput: AudioOutput

Device specified audio output.

Default value is AudioOutput.headset.