TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Talk​Core​Provider

public protocol TalkCoreProvider: AnyObject

Main Talk provider, responsible for the core calling API functionality.

TalkCoreProvider TalkCoreProvider AnyObject AnyObject TalkCoreProvider->AnyObject Talk Talk Talk->TalkCoreProvider

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Types Conforming to Talk​Core​Provider


An entry point into Talk SDK for iOS.



func lineStatus(digitalLine: DigitalLine, completion: @escaping (LineStatusResult) -> Void)

Provides asynchronous information about the status of a digital line associated with digitalLine name, as defined in Talk Settings.

For more information about line status, see the LineStatus documentation.


digital​Line Digital​Line

name of digital line configured by the admin in Talk Settings

completion @escaping (Line​Status​Result) -> Void

return Result with LineStatus for success status or LineStatusError for failure.


func call(callData: CallData, statusChangeHandler: @escaping StatusChangeHandler) -> TalkCall

Initializes a call for provided call data.

After call is initialized or fails to connect a handler is called with matching result.


call​Data Call​Data

Details for the call which contain digitalLine and recordingConsentAnswer

status​Change​Handler @escaping Status​Change​Handler

will be called on every call status change


TalkCall object representing the call, enabling to control it's various parameters as: DeviceOutput, mute or disconnect.