TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Talk​Flow​Provider

public protocol TalkFlowProvider: AnyObject

Call flow provider, responsible for effortlessly starting the call using SDK provided screens and APIs.

TalkFlowProvider TalkFlowProvider AnyObject AnyObject TalkFlowProvider->AnyObject Talk Talk Talk->TalkFlowProvider

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Types Conforming to Talk​Flow​Provider


An entry point into Talk SDK for iOS.



func startCall(to digitalLine: DigitalLine)

Starts the call flow. All screens are presented modally.

If necessary, first configuration screen is presented where the user is asked to grant microphone access permission (if were not provided earlier) and call recording consent (if required). After appropriate permissions are granted the call screen is presented and the call with agent will be started.


digital​Line Digital​Line

name of digital line configured by the admin in Talk Settings