TalkSDK-1.0.0 Documentation Beta

Protocol Talk​Screen​Provider

public protocol TalkScreenProvider: AnyObject

Screen provider, responsible for creating preconfigured and ready to use call configuration and call view controllers.

TalkScreenProvider TalkScreenProvider AnyObject AnyObject TalkScreenProvider->AnyObject Talk Talk Talk->TalkScreenProvider

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Types Conforming to Talk​Screen​Provider


An entry point into Talk SDK for iOS.



func makeCallConfigurationViewController(for digitalLine: String) -> CallConfigurationScreenViewController

Returns Call Configuration view controller

Before making a call you need to make sure user has granted all required permissions. You can use this provided view controller for checking and asking for the permissions and validating all states.


digital​Line String

A nickname of a digital line for which the configuration will be displayed.


CallConfigurationScreenViewController, which is a CallConfigurationScreen conforming UIViewController with configured components and flow.


func makeCallViewController(with callData: CallData, callDidFinishHandler: @escaping (CallScreenViewController, CallSummary) -> Void) -> CallScreenViewController

Returns Call View Controller

Before showing that screen you should check microphone permission, digital line status, and recording consent first. You can use this provided view controller, with all required logic for making a call.


call​Data Call​Data

Data containing all required call parameters such as DigitaLine and RecordingConsentAnswer.

call​Did​Finish​Handler @escaping (Call​Screen​View​Controller, Call​Summary) -> Void

Handler called when the call is finished with CallScreen and CallSummary as parameters. Is called for both success and failure scenarios.


CallScreenViewController, which is a CallScreen conforming UIViewController, with all configured UI and logic for making a call.