Class ProfileObserver

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    public abstract class ProfileObserver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.Observer
    Abstract definition of the observer that listens to broadcasts from LivechatProfilePath observable
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      void update(java.util.Observable observable, java.lang.Object object) 
      protected abstract void update(Profile profile)
      Delivers the broadcast from LivechatProfilePath observable
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      • ProfileObserver

        public ProfileObserver()
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        public final void update(java.util.Observable observable,
                                 java.lang.Object object)
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        update in interface java.util.Observer
      • update

        protected abstract void update(Profile profile)
        Delivers the broadcast from LivechatProfilePath observable

        This broadcast arrives on a non-UI thread. Keep in mind that if updating UI elements you need to do so on the main thread using or android.os.Looper#getMainLooper().

        profile - of the current chat visitor