Class HelpCenterActivity

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    public class HelpCenterActivity
    extends AppCompatActivity
    This Activity is the main entry point for showing Help Center content in the SDK.

    This Activity is designed to be started with the HelpCenterActivity.builder()

    • Constructor Detail

      • HelpCenterActivity

        public HelpCenterActivity()
    • Method Detail

      • onCreate

        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
      • onStart

        protected void onStart()
      • onResume

        protected void onResume()
      • onPause

        protected void onPause()
      • onCreateOptionsMenu

        public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu)
      • onPrepareOptionsMenu

        public boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu menu)
      • onOptionsItemSelected

        public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item)
      • showContactUsButton

        public void showContactUsButton()
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows the contact us button as a FAB
        Specified by:
        showContactUsButton in interface
      • showHelp

        public void showHelp(HelpCenterUiConfig helpCenterUiConfig)
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows Help for the given SDK UI configuration.
        Specified by:
        showHelp in interface
        helpCenterUiConfig - The HelpCenterUiConfig containing the category and section IDs, label names, and configuration flags to be used in displaying the UI.
      • showLoadingState

        public void showLoadingState()
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows a loading state
        Specified by:
        showLoadingState in interface
      • hideLoadingState

        public void hideLoadingState()
        Description copied from interface:
        Hides the loading state
        Specified by:
        hideLoadingState in interface
      • showSearchResults

        public void showSearchResults(java.util.List<SearchArticle> searchArticles,
                                      java.lang.String query)
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows Help search results for the given query text
        Specified by:
        showSearchResults in interface
        searchArticles - The List of articles returned for the search
        query - The query text that was used in the search
      • clearSearchResults

        public void clearSearchResults()
        Description copied from interface:
        Clears any currently shown search results from the view.
        Specified by:
        clearSearchResults in interface
      • setSearchEnabled

        public void setSearchEnabled(boolean enabled)
        Description copied from interface:
        Set the enabled state of the search menuitem
        Specified by:
        setSearchEnabled in interface
      • isShowingHelp

        public boolean isShowingHelp()
        Description copied from interface:
        Tells whether the view is currently showing the Help Center, or Search results. While this is the kind of logical decision normally calculated by the presenter, in this case, with state changes etc, the view is the ultimate source of truth.
        Specified by:
        isShowingHelp in interface
        true if the currently displayed view is the Help Center, false if it's search results.
      • showRequestList

        public void showRequestList()
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows the list of requests that the user has created
        Specified by:
        showRequestList in interface
      • showContactZendesk

        public void showContactZendesk()
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows the contact Zendesk component
        Specified by:
        showContactZendesk in interface
      • showLoadArticleErrorWithRetry

        public void showLoadArticleErrorWithRetry( errorType,
                                                  RetryAction action)
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows a snackbar with an error message and a retry action
        Specified by:
        showLoadArticleErrorWithRetry in interface
        errorType - The type of error to display a message for
        action - The retry action to perform
      • showNoConnectionError

        public void showNoConnectionError()
        Description copied from interface:
        Shows a Snackbar with an error message
        Specified by:
        showNoConnectionError in interface
      • dismissError

        public void dismissError()
        Description copied from interface:
        Dismiss the error Snackbar if it is currently displayed.
        Specified by:
        dismissError in interface
      • getContext

        public Context getContext()
        Description copied from interface:
        Gets the View's context.
        Specified by:
        getContext in interface
        The Context of the View implementation.
      • exitActivity

        public void exitActivity()
        Description copied from interface:
        Exits the activity immediately
        Specified by:
        exitActivity in interface
      • announceContentLoaded

        public void announceContentLoaded()
        Description copied from interface:
        Announce that the content has loaded, for accessibility purposes.
        Specified by:
        announceContentLoaded in interface